Is Moving Abroad Right for You?

Moving is a big decision. Packing a suitcase, leaving your family and friends and wandering to a new and unfamiliar destination can be daunting. And even more so when that unfamiliar destination is a different country. But for some, this frightening idea can result in a life-changing and unforgettable experience. It all depends on who you are and how you can adapt. Here are few ways to see if moving abroad is right for you:

Are you flexible and easy-going? You meet all types of personalities when living abroad, but one thing people typically have in common is a sense of flexibility. When you are immersing yourself into another culture, expect that things will be different. Sometimes the bus schedule doesn’t make sense or people have habits or behaviors you don’t understand. Occasionally you get lost and from time to time you aren’t able to communicate your thoughts in your new, foreign language.  It’s not always easy, but it certainly can be interesting. Staying relaxed and having an open-mind is all part of the ride.

Do you have some savings? This is a must when moving out of country. Even if you have a job set before you go, it is crucial to have some money saved before leaving. How much all depends on where you are going. (Stay tuned for upcoming post: How to Know How Much to Save). Extra money can be used to set up an apartment or house, pay possible visa costs, hold you over if your job doesn’t start immediately, etc. Not to mention, you are going to want to explore your new country when you arrive and will most likely run through a little cash from excitement.

Are you willing to “put yourself out there?” Making new friends, finding a job and having exciting experiences are not just going to happen. You need to make them happen. Do your research, talk to a local, join expat groups and take some chances. You don’t need to be extroverted, you just need to be a little brave. Regardless, there is not much to lose. If you find you are unhappy or miss your home country, then you can always book a ticket home.

How is your sense of adventure? Moving abroad is perfect for the kind of person who values experiences. In some cases, you will not earn as much money as you could in your own country, but in exchange you will gain new adventures and opportunities. From the chaotic streets of Hong Kong to the tranquil beach towns in Costa Rica — the world is full of different cities and countries for any kind of adventurer.

If this seems like you, then moving abroad may be the right choice. Coming up: Tips, stories, and info to get you started in your new country.





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