Activism When Living Abroad

For many individuals, moving abroad does not necessarily mean abandoning your roots. If you leave your home country, your opinions, concerns and viewpoints don’t instantly disappear. For the thousands of expats living overseas, your opinions still matter and you will never live too far to practice activism and fight for your rights.

This past Saturday, the March For Our Lives event took place in Washington, DC. This event gave American citizens the right to protest their viewpoints on gun violence and NoNRAgun control laws in the United States. Although the main event was held in DC, many smaller marches took place in different cities around the country and the world.

Cities ranged from London, England to Santiago, Chile to Hamburg, Germany to Sydney, Australia. And the list continues. In fact, there was over 800 different marches held worldwide to protest the gun control laws and many were in front of the US embassies.

It’s moments like these that prove that the world is a little smaller than we think. The internet is a powerful tool to spread a message and even start a movement in whatever you may believe. It allows you to express your opinion, learn about or start a peaceful protest, write to your government official and more. In fact, social platforms, such as Facebook events, helped organize the March For Our Lives protests and status updates on Twitter spread the message even further.

And it doesn’t stop with March For Our Lives. Stay attentive to the politics in your country and don’t allow your opinions to go unheard. The online resources are plentiful and even just posting a YouTube video or emailing your government official can make a difference. Stay active and stay involved — because politics don’t stop when you go overseas.


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