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8 Travel Photos To Spark Your Wanderlust

8 Travel Photos To Spark Your Wanderlust

It’s been said that a photo is worth 1,000 words. And I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The best way I am able to share my travel experiences and show others what I have seen is through my photographs. I consider myself very lucky– I have been traveled to over 25 countries and have lived in three. This has given me the opportunity to see and experience some amazing things. After flipping through some of my old travel photos, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites that inspire me (and hopefully you) to continue traveling and seeing the world.


1. Hoi An Lantern Festival in Vietnam

Back in 2014, I traveled through Vietnam and attended the lantern festival in the small, quaint town of Hoi An. The festival is held each month during the full moon. Shortly after dusk, the entire town turns off all their electric lights and only allows for the use of lanterns. Blue, yellow, orange, red and green silk lanterns fill every street corner. Small paper boxes that hold a tea candle float down the river, bringing light and color to the dark water.  The atmosphere is beautiful and it is an incredible experience to have if you travel to Vietnam.


2. Valle de Cocora in Colombia

By far, one of my favorite places in the world is the Valle de Cocora in Colombia. In this valley, there are some of the tallest palm trees in the world. It is hard to describe how truly giant these trees are, but let me just say that they are GIANT. In this valley, people typically do a 5-6 hour hike through the forest, where you are able to see hummingbirds, cross rivers and climb rocks. The hike is a circle, which either ends or begins with the palm trees. My recommendation is to start with the palm trees as most hikers chose to end with them. When we went, the valley was empty as all the hikers went the other direction. It was magical – just our small group, bright green landscape and hundreds of palm trees. It almost felt like we had been transported back to prehistoric times.



3. The White Temple in Thailand

For anyone who has traveled in Asia, you know the feeling of being “templed out.” Temple after temple, at a point sometimes they seem to blur together. But not this one. The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand is by far one of the most beautiful temples in all of Asia. The temple is almost entirely white and was built with incredible detail. Walking through the temple is like walking through an art gallery, where you can’t help but stop and admire all the small and special masterpieces.



4. Cinque Terre in Italy

When I went to Cinque Terre in Italy, it felt like I was in a movie. Imagine stepping outside to crisp, springtime air in Italy. Along the coast are colorful buildings that sit on the clifftops, overlooking the water as fishing boats float to and from the shore. This area is amazing and there is a lot to see and do. I went to Cinque Terre a number of years ago, and ever since I have been waiting for the day I am able to return.


5. Carnaval de Oruro in Bolivia

Don’t be frightened by the big-eyed costumes. Because this carnival, in my opinion, is one of the most entertaining and exciting experience you can have when you are in South America. As the carnival is smaller, you are able to get very close or even inside the parades. For hours upon hours, get ready to see some of the most stunning hand-made costumes, representing the story of the Spaniards invading Bolivia. The most typical dance is “the devil’s dance,” along with many other traditional dances from all regions of the country. Besides the costumes, dances and music, anticipate involvement in multiple foam-spray fights, local songs and chants and one of the most fun, yet exhausting weekends of your life.


6. 1,000-Plus Pagodas in Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar is home to over 1,000 pagodas ranging from small to large or popular to deserted. I went to Myanmar alone and was really able to sit and reflex in some of the smaller, quieter pagodas. I spent the whole day wandering by myself from temple to temple. People explore the temples by riding a bicycle, motorbike or even going by horse-drawn carriage. But without question, it is definitely an all-day or even multi-day event as there are so many different pagodas to see in this plot of land.

Jennifer Tolep 048.jpg

7. Extreme Adventure in Switzerland

For those looking for a little adventure-time, Interlaken, Switzerland is the place to go! There are all sorts of adventurous activities and extreme sports, but I chose to try skydiving. And what a rush it was! Interlaken is by far, one of the best places to jump out of an airplane–if you are brave enough that is. You are above everything and can see the snowcapped Swiss Alps,  greenery and crystal blue lakes when you are falling. This definitely will give you some great photo memories and one big, adrenaline rush!

chile2 2.jpg

8. Altiplanic Lagoons in Chile

Close to San Pedro, Atacama in Northern, Chile are a variety of colorful lagoons. The landscape is breathtaking and a picture-perfect spot for photography lovers. We went on a day tour from the town of San Pedro and spent time at the lagoon pictured above, as well as three others. On this day trip, you can spot different species of birds, stop in an Altiplanic town and try traditional ice cream flavors.


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