Unique Ways To Eat and Drink Your Way Through Bangkok

Unique Ways To Eat and Drink Your Way Through Bangkok

One of the best things about seeing another country is trying different foods and drinks. And Thailand is no exception. There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal or beverage, especially if you can do so in a fun and interesting environment. And after living in Bangkok for over a year, I discovered some of the best places to go and unique ways to try new foods and drinks.

Go to the Roof

Firstly, there are the rooftop bars. This is an absolute must if you are in Bangkok, purely because they are of abundance and absolutely incredible.  Imagine happy hour from floor 50-something, accompanied by a nighttime view of an entire city in lights. There are many places to choose from, all offering a glamorous night out. My personal favorite is Red Sky, due to the comfy seating, 360 degree panorama viewpoints and elegant cocktails. Other bars include, Octave Rooftop Bar, Three Sixty, Sky Bar –which was featured in The Hangover II and many more.

Try a Theme

I’m always a fan of something themed, especially if that something includes food and drinks. During my time in Bangkok, I was able to find a number of themed restaurants and bars, along with many I would like to try during my next visit. Iron Fairies (magical and mysterious burgers), Cabbages & Condoms (contraceptive themed) and Maggie Choos (1920’s jazz bar) are some of my personal favorites. Tip: Prepare your sweet tooth and order the cotton candy cocktail at Maggie Choo’s!

On the Street

You can find nearly anything on the busy streets of Bangkok and often times, food and drinks from the street are some of the best. There is everything, ranging from fresh fruit shakes to spring rolls to ice cream to even sushi. Of course it is important to use your best judgment and not eat something you feel skeptical about. I always found raw fish sold outside in hot, tropical temperatures to be slightly questionable — but many people buy and enjoy it!  I also have found that outdoor markets often have a lot of safe-to-eat and delicious options.  Personally, I was a big fan of the coconut water at the Chatuchak weekend market –A.K.A. the biggest outdoor market in the world. It is cheap, and so refreshing to sip on when you are wandering through this crazy market maze. And if you are really feeling crazy, go for some fried scorpions or a bag of bugs. These are also sold on the streets of Bangkok!

Eat Amongst the Animals

If you’re an animal lover, get excited because you can now eat amongst your favorite furry creatures. In Bangkok, there are various cafes that have animals inside. You can look at, pet and play with the animals, while you enjoy a coffee or a snack. I have been to two different cat cafes before and they were a lot of fun. There are many different breeds of cat, all with unique personalities and looks. Additionally, there are cafes with puppies, rabbits and even raccoons.

Cook with Locals

The best way to learn a culture is to learn it from the locals. If you are lucky enough to know or meet someone from Thailand, then cook with or go to dinner with that person. Thais can introduce you to places and recipes that a tour book can’t.  If you aren’t so lucky to know a Thai, then think of another way you can learn from them. When I was in Thailand, I took a cooking class and found it was a great way to taste incredible food and learn how to make it. The class I took was run by a Thai chef and he was able to show us many different recipes that were simple enough to make at home. It was a great experience and opportunity to learn more about Thai culture!





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