Where in the World Can You Find the Perfect Pizza?

Where in the World Can You Find the Perfect Pizza?

Is there anything better than a slice of hot, cheesy, mouth-watering pizza? It’s what many would call a comfort food or a regular go-to for a Friday night in. I’m a big-time pizza lover and have been on a worldwide hunt for the best pie out there. The perfect pizza can only come from somewhere unique and authentic. And being an expat and an experienced traveler, I have complied a list of my top three pizza experiences worldwide that have come pretty close to my “perfect slice.” 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The first pizza joint is a place called Güerrin, which is located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was 10PM on a Tuesday, we were starving and the place was completely packed. Grandpas, groups of friends, mothers and their babies, couples and everyone in between were all there for the same reason: pizza. We waited in a line that went half-way through the restaurant, but it moved fast as hundreds of people came and went from one of the many tables smushed tightly together in the space.

Soon we were seated and greeted with a novel-like menu. We ordered a beer and spent a long time looking through the many pizzas available. I looked around and saw all sorts of options: some with seafood, others with an egg on top, all packed with cheese and many that appealed to my tastebuds. We settled on a half-half pizza, one side four cheese and the other Napolitana.

Shortly after ordering, a waiter came with our food and I could tell just by smelling it that this pizza was going to be a winner. Both sides were tasty, but four cheese was the best. It was so packed with spices and flavor that we barely spoke between bites. We went home that night trapped in the biggest food coma of our lives, but feeling fantastic after enjoying such an incredible dinner.

Florence, Italy

My pizza experience in Italy was a little different than my experience in Argentina. This is because I was able to return to this delicious pizzeria multiple times. I was studying in Florence, Italy at the time and discovered a pizza place named Gusta Pizza early into my semester in Italy. This restaurant was right near my university classes which made it the perfect lunchtime escape.

The first time I went to Gusta Pizza, I was blown away. The pizza was fresh out of the firewood oven – hot, flavorful and packed with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. It was so much better than any pizza I had tasted from my hometown. The ingredients were so fresh and tasty, and it was a fantastic introduction to Italy – a country where I really learned how to appreciate food.

On my first visit, I was only able to eat half of the pizza. This wasn’t because I didn’t love the food, but because I was completely stuffed! It was so filling and I wasn’t used to eating such a big and delicious meal for lunch. Fast forward three months and after living in Italy for a while, I started finishing that pizza without a problem and even thought about ordering a second. Needless to say, I gained a good 5kg during my semester abroad, but don’t regret a single bite.

Chicago, USA

The last place on my perfect pizza list is in my home country, the United States. In the US, we have a lot of great dining options and pizzerias do not fall short on the list. The best pizza I have found in the US is in Chicago. Chicago is well known for its deep-dish pizzas, which are thick and stuffed with toppings and fillings.

I was there visiting a friend and luckily she knew all the best places to go. She took me to Lou Malnati’s where we planned to try deep-dish. And that we did! The pizza was different from anything I had tasted before. It truly was a pie, packed tight with pepperonis, tomatoes, onions, cheese and more. The dough was incredibly thick, which made just one or two pieces feel extremely filling. I guess I discovered exactly why they call it “deep-dish.”

And so we have it! My top three pizza experiences found in three different countries during my travels. All were delicious, cheesy and further fed my addiction to good food. If you are looking to eat a good slice of pizza, I would highly recommend any of these places. And with an upcoming trip to New York in July, I am prepared to potentially add another perfect pizza slice to this list! Because the hunt for perfect pizza is never over.





3 thoughts on “Where in the World Can You Find the Perfect Pizza?”

  1. Oh man, this makes me want pizza! I’m definitely most curious the one from Buenos Aires – I’m always up for trying different toppings on pizza.


  2. Well I adore pizza and traveling. So this combines two of my favorite things. Where you can find the best pizza in the world. I hope I get a chance to try these out!


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