Without a doubt Thailand is a hotspot for both expats and travelers. And that’s not surprising. Within this small Asian country lies a diverse landscape, unique culture, flavorful food and friendly people.


Top Places

  • Bangkok – You either love it or you hate it — but either way, Bangkok is a one-of-a-kind city that you can’t miss. This hot and sweaty city has everything from green parks to crowded markets to crazy nightclubs to Buddhist temples. It is busy and chaotic, but definitely an interesting and action-packed place to visit in Southeast Asia.
  • Chiang Rai – In the north, there is a smaller city called Chiang Rai. It is home to
    White Temple in Chiang Rai

    the famous, white temple and to its opposite – the black temple. Besides the temples, visitor can enjoy a night market, traditional northern-style food and outdoor activities available close by.

  • Koh Tao – Among the many beautiful islands in Thailand, Koh Tao is one of the best. It offers great scuba and snorkel opportunities, along with tranquil beaches and fun boat trips. The island has a jungle-like feel, but also has many great restaurants and a fun nightlife scene.
  • Khao Yai National Park – If you enjoy the outdoors and looking for wildlife, then take a trip to this nature preserve. If you are lucky, you can spot wild elephants along with many other types of jungle creatures.

Food & Drink

  • Pad See Ew – This dish may be simple, but it is also simply delicious. It is a dish packed with soy sauce, veggies, rice noodles, chicken and egg. And don’t forget to add crush red pepper flakes for spice!
  • Som Tam – If you are sick of noodles and rice, try this fresh, yet spicy salad made from green papaya.
  • Khao Soi – In Northern Thailand, you can find this curry dish with soft and crunchy noodles. If you aren’t big on spice, ask for it “not spicy.” Regardless, it will be full of flavor.
  • Fruit Shakes – Fruit shakes are available all over the world, but they are especially delicious in a tropical country, like Thailand. Fruits like mango, pineapple or coconut are super fresh and are a great cool-down for an extra hot day.

Must-Do Activities

  • Island Hop – Southern Thailand is home to many incredible islands. Make sure you
    Turquoise island waters

    see them. There are smaller, quieter islands, along with bigger, party-like islands. Take your pick and check them out!

  • Get Pampered – Take advantage of the inexpensive spa prices in Thailand. You can get your nails done, receive a foot massage or change your hair. The service is fantastic and the prices are affordable.
  • Experience the Culture – Thailand is not just a tourist trap, it is also a place with an amazing culture. Don’t miss out on this! Go to a temple, get involved in the national holidays, learn about the royal family and talk to the locals.

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