5 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad

Thinking about teaching English abroad? Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea:

1. You Can Live Almost Anywhere: English is the world’s leading language- used in many businesses and in popular media and entertainment. For this reason, people who speak a different language are always looking to learn, improve or perfect their English. Schools, companies and individuals are constantly hiring English teachers and there are many opportunities in a wide variety of countries. This gives ESL teachers the chance to pick a country that interests them, travel, experience a new place and earn money along the way. 

2. There Are Many Different Ways You Can Teach: When you think of a teacher, you probably imagine someone pointing to a blackboard in front of 20-some small children. Although this is a reality for many teachers, it is not the only way to make a living as an English teacher. Because you can learn a language at any age– you can also teach any age to learn a language. There are opportunities from pre-schoolers to high school students to business adults. You can also teach in big groups, small groups or one-on-one classes. Sometimes adult students will pay you just to sit and have a conversation with them in English. There are many types of classes for different types of teachers.

3. If You Can Speak English Then You Can Teach It: Like any job, there are always things you need to learn and improve upon. Classroom management skills do not come overnight and grammar and phonetics may need to be reviewed — however, in general teaching English is something most speakers should be able to do. It’s possible because of all the different types of jobs available. Some formal training can help you book a job, although not all schools and companies require it. If you are interested in taking a teaching course, look into a TESOL or TEFL program.

4. Teaching English Helps You Learn Another Language: When you teach English, you often need to start looking deeper into the grammar and structure of the language. You sometimes need to figure out how to encourage your students to speak and boost their confidence while doing so. Take the knowledge and encouragement you provide your students with and apply it your own language efforts. Once you really understand the workings of English and how another person can learn it, you will find it easier to dissect another language.

5. Teaching Can Open Other Doors: You never know where life can lead you. Staying at the same job and the same routine will only get you more of the same. Trying something different can lead to opportunities, introduce you to new people and teach you more about yourself. Many people move to a new country to teach and later find themselves working for a TEFL training program. Others make connections with students, parents or colleagues which could lead to a job in something completely different. And many also find they have a passion for teaching and end up returning to school to receive a degree in education. The opportunities are endless.


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