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What to Include on Your South American Bucket List

What to Include on Your South American Bucket List

Want to explore South America? Check out some must-do activities for your South American bucket list:

  1. See some of the tallest palm trees in the world at Valle del Corcora in Colombia.
  2. Visit the rainbow mountains in Peru.
  3. Go on a multi-day trek! Some suggestions are: The Lost City Trek in Colombia and the very famous, Inca Trail in Peru.
  4. Party at Carnival! There are multiple carnivals around South America. Of course there is the very famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro or lesser know, such as carnival in Oruro, Bolivia.                                                                                              103.jpg
  5. Explore Patagonia! There is so much to do and see. Prepare yourself for glaciers, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls and greenery.
  6. Learn Spanish! There are many local and inexpensive schools throughout South America. The programs are fun and you can study for as long as you want.
  7. Eat your way through Buenos Aires, Argentina. This city has some of the best steak and Italian food out there.
  8. Take a boat ride through the marble caves in Southern Chile.
  9. See the Iguazu Falls! These beautiful waterfalls can be accessed from either Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina.
  10. Enjoy the street art! You can find a lot of colorful areas, full of art, in South America. A big favorite is Valparaiso, Chile – a funky, hilly city on the Pacific coast.
  11. Celebrate in Sucre, Bolivia! This place is full of parades and parties. A personal favorite celebration is Dia de Comadres which occurs right before Carnival. It’s a day full of parties and tradition and it’s all for women!
  12. Explore the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert. You can access this incredible, out-of-this-world place from Chile or Bolivia. You can see lagoons, geysers, salt flats and more.                                                                                                38.jpg
  13. Stand on both sides of the equator. The line can be accessed in Quito, Ecuador.
  14. Sail into Central America! You can travel from Colombia to Panama and pass through the beautiful and isolated, San Blas islands.
  15. Go to the the Amazon rainforest!
  16. Visit the old, historic town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Spend the weekend seeing the historic sites, enjoying a good meal and wandering through the cobblestone streets.
  17. See the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.
  18. Travel to Caño Cristales, the rainbow river in Colombia.
  19. Learn about indigenous culture. There are tons of cultures and groups throughout the continent!
  20. Bike and wine through Mendoza, Argentina.
  21. See the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru from a helicopter. These ancient, sand drawings are huge and are thought to be made from indigenous people a long ago.
  22. Join the fun at a national football/soccer game!
  23. Visit the underground, salt cathedral in Zipaquirá, Colombia.                                     44.jpg
  24. Climb a volcano in Pucon, Chile.
  25. Grab a fruity drink and sunbathe on the famous, Copacabana beach in Brazil.

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