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The Most Entertaining Way to Learn a Language

The Most Entertaining Way to Learn a Language

Movies, music, television– a guilty pleasure our society can’t help but indulge in. Most of the time, we use entertainment to relax after a long day at work or to fill the gaps in our day when riding the bus or waiting in line.  But is there a way you can take modern entertainment and use it to learn something? The answer is: Yes, you most certainly can. For those of you looking to learn a language, there is no better way to practice and perfect than with good, old-fashion entertainment.

This post came to mind due to my recent obsession with the latest, Spanish Netflix series, La Casa de Papel (“Money Heist” in English). Not only is this show fast-paced, suspensive and incredibly entertaining, but it is also a good way to  practice and learn a language.

After living in Santiago, Chile for more than two years, it has become a personal goal to master Spanish. One way I like to learn is by watching movies and TV shows. To help, you can keep the subtitles on. Definitely, the best way to learn is to use the subtitles in the language you are learning to speak. If you use the subtitles in your native tongue, typically you don’t focus as much on what you are hearing. Although no matter how you choose to watch, listening in a new language can always help adjust your ear to the new sounds and way of speaking, and you can connect new words to their meaning.

La Casa de Papel, Sin Filtro, Rec, Narcos and Coco is just a short list of the many Spanish series and movies I have discovered. And this is just in Spanish. There is a great selection of foreign films in various languages to pick from.

This method of learning is not only limited to television series and movies. You can watch a YouTube series to pass time on the bus or try reading a novel. Music can also be helpful, especially if you find slower songs to listen to.  Sometimes I read the lyrics, while listening to a Spanish song. It helps me understand more and grasp the meaning.

Nowadays, the internet is a powerful tool that can help anybody learn a language. So hop on Netflix, search through YouTube channels or shuffle songs in Spotify. There are endless sources of entertainment in a variety of languages that can help you start learning now.

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